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Get to know about Leonard Goldstein

Leonard Goldstein Inspired by the "giants" of art since early childhood, I have set out to discover the common denomination that ties all art together: I call it the "unified theory of art".

Currently, I love Impressionism and its connection to science: the perfect meeting of the subjective and objective, spirit, and matter if you will. I specialize in mediums including sculptures, print, paintings, and plate artworks.

I grew up in New York City and graduated from the High School of Art and Design. I attended Eastern New Mexico University and the University of New Mexico. There, I met Robert Creeley (poet) and John Chamberlain (sculptor), the latter encouraging me to move to New York City as his assistant (1967). It was there I met many of the leading artists of the day: Dali, Warhol, Johns, and Kasumi to name a few.

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